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Clock Lamp And Wirelesses Phone Charger

Clock Lamp And Wirelesses Phone Charger

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  • Experience the perfect blend of modern design and multifunctional features with E.P Light's Clock Lamp.
  • This elegant centerpiece for any living room boasts a curved LED light and oak base with gold plating for a classic look. The base also doubles as a wireless phone charger, making it both stylish and convenient.
  • Easily adjust the brightness of the light with a smooth touch button.
  • The lamp also includes an automatic hand clock with an AA battery, LED accent light, and gold-plated finishing.
  • The wall plug power source has a 4.6' cord length and a voltage of 12V. With 10W wireless charging, 12W wattage, and 1100 lm lumens, this lamp offers functional and fashionable lighting. 

Dimentiones: 12.6"L x 4.7"W x 17"H

Weight: 2.2 lbs

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