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EarthTainer - 6" "Burger Box" Clamshell - 500ct - Compostable Certified

EarthTainer - 6" "Burger Box" Clamshell - 500ct - Compostable Certified

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Delivering Environmentally Friendly Solutions with Compostable Certified EarthTainer

Presenting our  Compostable Certified 6" Clamshell "Burger Box," the sustainable choice for your burger packaging requirements. These compostable boxes ensure a secure and environmentally friendly option for your burgers and sandwiches, maintaining their freshness and structure.

Crafted from upcycled and responsibly sourced plant fibers, our "Burger Boxes" not only help reduce costs but also significantly contribute to environmental conservation by sequestering CO2 naturally. They are fully soil compostable, eventually transforming into nutrient-rich compost, thus returning to the earth.

Each case includes 500 durable, compostable "Burger Boxes," ensuring a steady supply for your food service operations. The boxes boast a natural, unbleached hue, providing an organic appeal to your offerings. For those desiring a different look, we offer customization to bleach the boxes white.

Our soil compostable products surpass competitors' offerings of industrially compostable products, which often pose challenges to composting facilities. Opt for our truly eco-friendly products and join the movement towards a more sustainable planet with every burger box.

The case features 500 units of robust, leak-resistant bowls made from hemp and Bagasse, available in light beige or white, and certified as soil compostable.


6" Clamshell "Burger Box" - Soil Compostable

Quantity: 500ct Per Case


- BPI Certified
- Complies with ASTM D6400 USA Standard for Compostability
- Constructed from Post-Harvest Residuals (Stalks, Leaves, Fibers)
- Free from Petroleum-based materials (No PET, PP, ABS...)
- Resistant to Oil/Water from 32°F-140°F for up to 24 hours, 212°F for up to 2 hours
- Recommended Storage: Store empty containers at room temperature in a dry setting for up to one year.
- PFAS Free
- BPA Free
- Verified Fluorine Safe
- Biobased, compostable
- Supports the Circular Economy

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