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EarthTainer - 8" Clamshell - 200ct - Compostable Certified

EarthTainer - 8" Clamshell - 200ct - Compostable Certified

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Discover the convenience of sustainability with our 8" Fiber Clamshells. These soil compostable containers offer a practical and eco-friendly solution for takeaway or leftover food, ensuring your meals stay fresh and secure. Crafted from bagasse, locally sourced upcycled plant matter, our Fiber Clamshells are designed for extra durability and come in light beige or white colors. Strong enough to securely hold your food, these clamshells are completely biodegradable and won't pollute the environment. Moreover, they are fully soil compostable, turning into nutrient-rich compost over time and giving back to the earth.

Each case features 200 sturdy, compostable clamshells, providing a reliable supply for your food service needs. The natural, unbleached color adds an organic touch to your servings, and we also offer the option to have them bleached white upon request.

Material: Bagasse Soil Compostable Thermoform

Color: Unbleached (Natural) - Bleached - on request (10+ pallets required on all custom orders) color , size , logo - just ask!

BPI Certified
Meets ASTM D6400 USA Standard for Compostability
Made from Post-Harvest Residuals (Stalks, Leaves, Fibers)
BPA Free
Fluorine Tested Safe
Circular Economy Friendly

Make the switch to our 8" Fiber Clamshells for an eco-conscious and reliable food packaging solution."

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