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EarthTainer - Lids - 24oz, 32oz - 400ct - Compostable Certified

EarthTainer - Lids - 24oz, 32oz - 400ct - Compostable Certified

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Introducing our Eco-Friendly Compostable Lids  - 24oz, 32oz - Soil Compostable, the perfect match for our 24oz and 32oz Fiber Bowls. These lids provide a secure seal, ensuring your meals stay fresh and protected, whether on the go or stored for later use.

Crafted from upcycled and intentionally sourced plant fiber, our Fiber Bowl Lids are an eco-conscious choice that not only reduces costs but also significantly contributes to environmental preservation by naturally sequestering CO2. Furthermore, these lids are fully soil compostable, transforming into nutrient-rich compost over time and giving back to the earth.

Each case contains 400 sturdy, Compostable Fiber Bowl Lids, providing a reliable supply for your catering or event needs. The lids feature a natural, unbleached color that adds an organic touch to your servings. Additionally, we offer the option to have them bleached white upon request for a different aesthetic.

By choosing our Fiber Bowl Lids, you're making an eco-conscious decision that benefits both the environment and your finances. It's an investment in a sustainable future that goes beyond consumption. Upgrade to our Fiber Bowl Lids today - because every cover counts in our collective effort towards a greener planet.

Eco-Friendly Compostable Lids  - 24oz, 32oz - Soil Compostable

Quantity: 400ct Per Case
Fiber Lid for Wide Bagasse Bowls (750, 1000ml)
205mm Wide
Unbleached (Natural color)

Certifications and Features:
BPI Certified
Meets ASTM D6400 USA Standard for Compostability
Made from Post-Harvest Residuals (Stalks, Leaves, Fibers)
Petroleum Free (No PET, PP, ABS...)
Long Term Storage: Recommended to keep empty containers stored at room temperature in dry environment up to one year
BPA Free
Fluorine Tested Safe
Circular Economy Friendly

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