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EarthTainer - Portion Cup 2oz - 2000ct - Compostable Certified

EarthTainer - Portion Cup 2oz - 2000ct - Compostable Certified

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Introducing our Fiber Portion Cup, a 2oz marvel of sustainable design. These portion cups are the epitome of eco-friendly convenience, perfect for serving sauces, dips, or small snacks.

Each cup is made from upcycled and intentionally sourced plant fiber, which not only helps in reducing costs but also contributes towards environmental conservation by naturally sequestering CO2. This material is fully soil compostable, turning into nutrient-rich compost over time, and completing a full circle of life.

Our Fiber Portion Cups come in a standard case of 2000 units, ensuring you have ample supply for your catering or event needs. Their natural, unbleached color brings an authentic and earthy feel to your table, while we also offer the option to have them bleached white upon request.

Quantity - 2000ct - Per Case

Material: Bagasse Soil Compostable Thermoform

Color: Unbleached (Natural)

- BPI Certified
- Meets ASTM D6400 USA Standard for Compostability
- Made from Post-Harvest Residuals (Stalks, Leaves, Fibers)
- Petroleum Free (No PET, PP, ABS...)
- Long Term Storage: Recommended to keep empty containers stored at room temperature in dry
environment up to one year.
- PFAS Free
- BPA Free
- Fluorine Tested Safe
- Circular Economy Friendly

By choosing our Fiber Portion Cups, you're not just making a purchase; you're making a statement. A statement that you care about the environment and are willing to take steps towards its preservation. It's an investment in a sustainable future that benefits both the planet and your finances.
Switch to our Fiber Portion Cups today - because every bite matters when it comes to protecting our planet.

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