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Hemptensils - Utensils v1 - TUV + BPI CERTIFED

Hemptensils - Utensils v1 - TUV + BPI CERTIFED

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You'll be ready for any meal with these Eco Friendly Hemptensils! Our eco-friendly utensils are made from kenaf, hemp and sugarcane, making them biodegradable and home compostable.

Each set comes with 16 forks, 16 knives, and 16 spoons individually wrapped with a napkin in each.

These soil essentials will last you through every meal while also helping to reduce your environmental impact. Enjoy the convenience of having all your cutlery needs taken care of without sacrificing sustainability! Plus, if you need more than what's available or have inquiries about white label utensils - just contact us for help. Get the most out of these durable compostables and enjoy a cleaner future!

EcoUtensils - Home Compostable

- BPI Certified
- TUV Certified
- Meets ASTM D6400 USA Standard for Compostability
- Made from Post-Harvest Residuals (Stalks, Leaves, Fibers)
- Petroleum Free (No PET, PP, ABS...)
- Oil/Water Resistant between 32°F-140°F for up to 24 hours, 212°F up to 2 hours
- Long Term Storage: Recommended to keep empty containers stored at room temperature in dry environment up to one year.
- PFAS Free
- BPA Free
- Fluorine Tested Safe
- Biobased, compostable
- Circular Economy Friendly

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