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Fatima Hand-loomed Raw Cotton Scarf, in Beige (Pre-order)

Fatima Hand-loomed Raw Cotton Scarf, in Beige (Pre-order)

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One-of-a-kind scarf made of hand-loomed raw cotton strand. Each cotton strands are spun manually by hand and harvested from local farms in Tuban region in Java island. If you love the feel of natural vegan fabric, you'll definitely won't take your hand off this scarf. Witness its beautiful stripes texture and gorgeous imperfections on each cotton looms. Cute fringe knots along the edges are also one of the adorable details not to be missed.

Dimension: 17 x 60 inches
Composition: Raw Cotton, Hand-dyed
Cleaning & Care: Hand-wash only
Technique: Handloomed, hand-spun cotton strand
Made in Tuban, Java island, Indonesia
Ships in 3 weeks
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