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The Crossbody Strap

The Crossbody Strap

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When your Tushbaby is not in use, fasten it closed with the elastic loop and tote it with ease with our stylish Crossbody Straps—the same way you would with your favorite purse. Create your own unique look with a variety of Crossbody Straps that attach to the D-rings on the sides of your Tushbaby’s hipseat.

The Crossbody Strap is for decorative use only and should never be used when carrying a child. Before you’re back to baby-wearing with your Tushbaby, make sure to first detach the Crossbody Strap. Straps must always be safely stowed away in a zippered pocket when not in use in order to keep the straps safely away from the baby at all times.

Our Crossbody Straps are only compatible with Tushbabies that feature , which can be located on both sides of the seat of your Tushbaby.

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