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Giant Sitting Holiday Gnome

Giant Sitting Holiday Gnome

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We love gnomes at UPAVIM, and these gnomes are perfect for bringing a little bit of "gnomeness" to your home for the holidays! Choose from Pink for Valentine's Day, Red & Green for Christmas, or Blue for just any occasion! With a large stuffed body, he easily sits wherever you put him, and his long, dangly legs are fun to pose. His arms move freely too! His cap features a traditional Guatemalan corte design that matches his stockings. A long, white, fuzzy beard gives him the look of a true gnome, and his pastel suit says it all! Hand crafted by the artisans at UPAVIM Crafts, and as always, Handmade and Fair Trade!

  • 6'' W x 18'' L
  • Weighted Body w/ Dangly Limbs
  • 100% Guatemalan Woven Cotton
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